For over 3 million shift hours each month across specialties, smarter physician
scheduling prevents burnout and advances patient access.

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Key Benefits for Optimized Physician Scheduling

Fairly distribute work across providers

Reduce time spent building and managing schedules by 90%

Balance provider, patient, and institutional needs

Access centralized, up-to-date schedules

Top healthcare organizations across the world use dozens of set scheduling rules and flexibly accommodate an average of 116 shift change requests each month using Lightning Bolt’s AI optimization technology. From promoting work-life balance to advancing healthcare operations, our scientific approach brings balance to the complexities inherent to physician scheduling.

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Track and equally distribute the total number of weekend calls, holiday weekend calls, holiday calls, and Thursday calls
Maximize number of non-working weekends between weekend calls.
Look back two years in distributing the work assignments evenly.
No consecutive days on primary call.
If no regular provider is available (because of day off, vacation, or worked previous weekend on call), schedule a contract provider or a moonlighter.

The Most Advanced Physician Scheduling Technology

“98% of schedule auto-generated! I am very happy that we have switched to Lightning Bolt for our scheduling needs. Compared to our prior software, Lightning Bolt provides better transparency so that I can modify rules and understand the system. The user interface is significantly more user friendly than our prior system. Overall we are very happy that we made the switch.”

-Dr. Susan Kim

St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital

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