Founded in 2002, Lightning Bolt has developed deep domain expertise in the areas of physician workflow, hospital operations and professional balance. We are the trusted solution for U.S. and international hospitals working to align the interests of their physicians and facilities to deliver excellent care. See some of our client success stories.

Our cloud-based physician scheduling software is used across a variety of specialties including radiology, anesthesiology, cardiology, hospital medicine, emergency medicine, and multi-disciplinary clinics.

Meet Our Team

We’re all about balance. Both delivering balance to physicians through smarter scheduling and living balance in our own careers. Join us!


Elena Attix
Elena AttixTechnical Consultant
Katey Bailey
Katey BaileyDirector, Customer Management
Colin Beatty
Colin BeattyQA/Scrum Master
Kyle Blummer
Kyle BlummerConsultant
Amanda Bracken
Amanda BrackenIntegration Manager
Candace Capps
Candace CappsProduct Manager
Alex Carson
Alex CarsonPrincipal Consultant
Connor Champine
Connor ChampineCustomer Advisor
Praseetha Cherian
Praseetha CherianSales RVP
Mat Conyers
Mat ConyersSenior Software Engineer
Elizabeth Crowder
Elizabeth CrowderDemand Generation Manager
Pelin Damci-Kurt
Pelin Damci-KurtSenior OR Engineer
Michael DeFond
Michael DeFondConsultant Manager
Mitch Dezak
Mitch DezakConsultant
Andrew Eddie
Andrew EddieProduct Manager
Simon Elliott
Simon ElliottConsultant Manager
Nolan Harris
Nolan HarrisConsultant
Ray Head
Ray HeadSoftware Engineer
Ryer Hedderman
Ryer HeddermanSenior Consultant
Zach Hollis
Zach HollisSoftware Engineer
Isaih Hughes
Isaih HughesConsultant
Jaimie Imrie
Jaimie ImrieProduct Development Manager
Matthew Ivancic
Matthew IvancicSales RVP
Alisha Jensen
Alisha JensenCustomer Advisor
Eric Julier
Eric JulierSales RVP
Preston Knight
Preston KnightBusiness Development
Eric Lehmann
Eric LehmannSenior Consultant
Camille Lachmund
Camille LachmundContract Specialist
Dominic Lancaster
Dominic LancasterConsultant
Tyler Lee
Tyler LeeSenior Consultant
Liz Loggia
Liz LoggiaOperations Research Engineer
Mike Loiacono
Mike LoiaconoSoftware Engineer
Kyle Long
Kyle LongConsultant
Jason McDougal
Jason McDougalConsultant
Haley McLean
Haley McLeanCustomer Advisor
Jon Noble
Jon NobleBusiness Specialist
Brennan Ober
Brennan OberConsultant
Mary Piepenbrink
Mary PiepenbrinkGeneral Manager & SVP
Chris Queen
Chris QueenConsultant
Evelyn Rogers
Evelyn RogersCustomer Advisor
Tasha Schrock
Tasha SchrockConsultant
Cameron Shahnazi
Cameron ShahnaziDirector, Customer Deploy
Sam Snider
Sam SniderConsultant
Laura Suarez
Laura SuarezDirector, Strategy and Enablement
Gregory Tanner
Gregory TannerBusiness Development
Vlad Tonkonogov
Vlad TonkonogovMobile Software Engineer
Phil Towne
Phil TowneConsultant Manager
Rahul Vaidya
Rahul VaidyaSenior Architect
Tanner Vinson
Tanner VinsonConsultant
LaQuanda Woodard
LaQuanda WoodardSenior QA