Founded in 2002, Lightning Bolt has developed deep domain expertise in the areas of physician workflow, hospital operations, artificial intelligence and professional balance. We are the trusted solution for U.S. and international hospitals working to align the interests of their physicians and facilities to deliver excellent care. See some of our client success stories.

Our cloud-based physician scheduling software is used across a variety of specialties including radiology, anesthesiology, cardiology, hospital medicine, emergency medicine, and multi-disciplinary clinics.

Meet Our Team

We’re all about balance. Both delivering balance to physicians through smarter scheduling and living balance in our own careers. Join us!

Alex Carson
Alex CarsonSenior Application Consultant
Kelly Challenger
Kelly ChallengerSenior Director of Marketing
Praseetha Cherian
Praseetha CherianAccount Executive
Pelin Damci-Kurt
Pelin Damci-KurtSenior OR Engineer
Michael DeFond
Michael DeFondSenior Application Consultant
Andrew Eddie
Andrew EddieSenior Application Consultant
Simon Elliott
Simon ElliottApplication Consultant
Kevin Feller
Kevin FellerApplication Consultant
Tom Fisher
Tom FisherApplication Consultant
Japheth Frolick
Japheth FrolickApplication Consultant
Katie Genuario
Katie GenuarioApplication Consultant
Darrell Haas
Darrell HaasSoftware Engineer
Keeley Harper
Keeley HarperMarketing Content Specialist
Carolyn Ho
Carolyn HoApplication Consultant
Matthew Ivancic
Matthew IvancicBusiness Specialist
Raj Jain
Raj JainApplication Consultant
Subir Jolly
Subir JollySenior Software Engineer
Eric Julier
Eric JulierAccount Executive
Mike Loiacono
Mike LoiaconoSoftware Engineer
John Lor
John LorApplication Consultant
Matt McPherson
Matt McPhersonApplication Consultant Manager
Mary Piepenbrink
Mary PiepenbrinkVice President of Sales
Akshay Rama
Akshay RamaApplication Consultant
Danny Sam
Danny SamQuality Assurance Lead
Megha Sandesh
Megha SandeshSenior UX Designer
Shardul Sardesai
Shardul SardesaiSenior Software and Analytics Engineer
Cameron Shahnazi
Cameron ShahnaziApplication Consultant Manager
Joe Schneider
Joe SchneiderBusiness Specialist
Nick Steen
Nick SteenSales Engineering Associate
Phillip Stone
Phillip StoneBusiness Development Representative
Phil Towne
Phil TowneApplication Consultant
Adriana Trejo-Sheu
Adriana Trejo-SheuApplication Consultant
Rahul Vaidya
Rahul VaidyaSenior Software Architect
Suvas Vajracharya
Suvas VajracharyaFounder
Laura Yee
Laura YeeDirector of Client Services

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Tinker Bell
Tinker Bell

Our Origin Story

Suvas Vajracharya, Ph.D. was working as a staff scientist at Los Alamos National Labs in 1998 — scheduling massively parallel supercomputers — when a school friend asked for help with a frustrating problem. A practicing physician, he noticed that the seemingly simple task of creating call schedules for his group was deceptively complex, time consuming, and often proved an inaccurate science where equitable distribution of staffing resources, or the honoring of individual physician requests would often conflict or simply could not be met.

Suvas saw that his own technology experience with scheduling supercomputers could provide the foundation for creating an elegant, easy-to-use solution to the complexities of medical staff scheduling. Both supercomputing and medical scheduling share fundamental requirements: the need to distribute tasks equally and efficiently in the presence of complex, and often changing sets of rules with varying priorities.

Suvas developed a prototype scheduling system to tackle his physician friend’s challenging problem in a couple months. It soon became clear that the flexibility of the early system he developed could be adapted to the needs of any medical group. Through word-of-mouth referrals, the Lightning Bolt system quickly became widely used across a variety of medical disciplines.

As scheduling problems grew in size and complexity due to the shortage of skilled staff and the growing demands on the healthcare system, Lightning Bolt grew and innovated to meet the needs of medical groups wanting to generate the best possible staff schedule. This effort was led by two experts in high-tech, real-time manufacturing scheduling who spent years researching the topic and implementing solutions: Nirmal Govind, Ph.D. (now at Netflix) and Pelin Damci Kurt, Ph.D.

These scheduling technology experts noticed that, while the two problems were seemingly different, some of the same principles used in scheduling multi-million dollar machines in a factory can solve medical staff scheduling problems as well. They redesigned the core Lightning Bolt scheduling engine from scratch, resulting in the automated AI scheduling system that now produces high-quality schedules for healthcare leaders around the world and that has been named No. 1 in KLAS.

Today, Lightning Bolt continues to invest heavily in research and software development to solve complex problems in the area of medical staff scheduling with the latest technology. In addition to our technology, we pride ourselves on the excellent customer service provided by our staff to medical groups around the world.

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