Founded in 2002, Lightning Bolt has developed deep domain expertise in the areas of physician workflow, hospital operations and professional balance. We are the trusted solution for U.S. and international hospitals working to align the interests of their physicians and facilities to deliver excellent care. See some of our client success stories.

Our cloud-based physician scheduling software is used across a variety of specialties including radiology, anesthesiology, cardiology, hospital medicine, emergency medicine, and multi-disciplinary clinics.

Meet Our Team

We’re all about balance. Both delivering balance to physicians through smarter scheduling and living balance in our own careers. Join us!


Nish Ahmed
Nish AhmedConsultant
Katey Bailey
Katey BaileyDirector, Customer Management
Kat Baillon
Kat BaillonConsultant
Josh Battles
Josh BattlesProject Manager
Colin Beatty
Colin BeattyQA/Scrum Master
Amanda Bracken
Amanda BrackenIntegration Manager
Kevin Canfield
Kevin CanfieldConsultant
Candace Capps
Candace CappsProduct Subject Matter Expert
Alex Carson
Alex CarsonConsultant Manager
Kelly Challenger
Kelly ChallengerSenior Director of Marketing
Praseetha Cherian
Praseetha CherianSales RVP
Mat Conyers
Mat ConyersSr. Operations Research Engineer
Pelin Damci-Kurt
Pelin Damci-KurtSenior OR Engineer
Michael DeFond
Michael DeFondConsultant Manager
Andrew Eddie
Andrew EddieProduct Manager
Simon Elliott
Simon ElliottConsultant Manager
Kevin Feller
Kevin FellerConsultant
Tom Fisher
Tom FisherSr. Consultant
James Freeman
James FreemanSr. Software Engineer
Brian Frisch
Brian FrischVP Sales
Japheth Frolick
Japheth FrolickConsultant
Katie Genuario
Katie GenuarioConsultant
Chris Hagglund
Chris HagglundSoftware Engineer
Keeley Harper
Keeley HarperMarketing Specialist
Duncan Harris
Duncan HarrisProduct Director
Ray Head
Ray HeadSoftware Engineer
Ryan Hedderman
Ryan HeddermanConsultant
Zach Hollis
Zach HollisSoftware Engineer
Cody Howard
Cody HowardConsultant
Katie Huggins
Katie HugginsConsultant
Jaimie Imrie
Jaimie ImrieProduct Development Manager
Matthew Ivancic
Matthew IvancicSales RVP
Jared Jewitt
Jared JewittSoftware Engineer
Eric Julier
Eric JulierSales RVP
Tyler Lee
Tyler LeeConsultant
Eric Lehmann
Eric LehmannConsultant
Lulu Li
Lulu LiConsultant
Liz Loggia
Liz LoggiaOperations Research Engineer
Mike Loiacono
Mike LoiaconoSoftware Engineer
Kyle Long
Kyle LongConsultant
Chris Luper
Chris LuperBusiness Development
Alex Ma
Alex MaQA
Mike McBath
Mike McBathConsultant
Aaron McClay
Aaron McClayConsultant
Jason McDougal
Jason McDougalConsultant
Chelsea McKenzie
Chelsea McKenzieCustomer Advisor
Beth Mears
Beth MearsBusiness Development
Channing Murphy
Channing MurphyConsultant
Jon Noble
Jon NobleBusiness Development
Ashley O'Brien
Ashley O'BrienConsultant
Mary Piepenbrink
Mary PiepenbrinkGeneral Manager & SVP
Kyle Pollard
Kyle PollardConsultant
Chris Queen
Chris QueenConsultant
Rubens Rahim
Rubens RahimHead of Integration
Akshay Rama
Akshay RamaConsultant
Jack Rase
Jack RaseConsultant
Quinn Richardson
Quinn RichardsonConsultant
Danny Sam
Danny SamQA
Shardul Sardesai
Shardul SardesaiSr. Software Engineer
Cameron Shahnazi
Cameron ShahnaziSr. Manager, Enterprise