Provider Scheduling Software

Auto-generate the best schedules, improve provider satisfaction, and maximize workforce productivity

Generate the best possible physician schedules—period. From simple to complex scheduling, Lightning Bolt software has the tools to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Top Benefits of Intelligent Clinical and Staff Scheduling

Manage Complex Schedules Easily

Our AI-based solution handles an average of over 400 custom-built rules per client.

  • Set individual rules based on your team’s needs
  • Incorporate provider preferences into every schedule
  • Advanced technology that tests millions of variations before providing the best schedule
  • Auto-generate gapless schedules with advanced Combinatorial Optimization built into the technology
Improve Provider and Staff Satisfaction

Create a healthy work environment by promoting autonomy and fairness.

  • Analyze shift distribution to ensure fairness
  • Providers access and manage schedules from any location, on any device
  • Improve percent of granted time-off, shift swap, and schedule preference requests
Data-Driven Decisions for Optimal Workforce and Resource Management

Make informed choices about resource utilization.

  • Reports to inform about over and under utilization of staff, overtime, and incorrect staffing assignments
  • Analyze room, location, and staff resource supply against patient demand to boost your organization’s bottom line and create maximum capacity for improved patient access
Enterprise On-Call Scheduling

Lightning Bolt as the source of truth schedule platform, manages every up-to-the-minute call schedule to reduce staff friction when attempting to locate on-call providers, streamlining care coordination and improving patient outcomes.

  • Always accurate, up to date on-call schedule
  • Health system staff can locate and connect to the right provider in seconds from any device
  • Care team collaboration is enhanced

How Lightning Bolt Optimizes Schedules

The Lightning Bolt Platform is Your Single Source of Truth


improvement in provider satisfaction


of physicians prefer the new workflow


reduction in time to contact on-call providers


hours saved for schedulers by automating the process


annual time reduction spent building schedules


approval rate for time-off requests

“Any software can make a schedule, but Lightning Bolt’s software generates a schedule that’s optimized for the unique needs of each of the providers.”

Dr. Kenneth Serio

Scheduling Physician
Scripps Medical Group La Jolla, CA

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