Healthcare Workforce Management

Drive value beyond just scheduling

Auto-generate complete, optimized schedules throughout your entire organization to build a solid foundation for an optimal workforce. From schedules to a complete healthcare workforce management solution, Lightning Bolt has you covered.

The pandemic compounded many challenges for the healthcare industry. But many of them—like staffing shortages, clinician burnout, low provider satisfaction, and high turnover rates—have plagued the industry for years.
All of these struggles have a common root cause: poor provider scheduling.
Thankfully, there is a solution. By optimizing schedules, Lightning Bolt alleviates these issues and drives value far beyond the limitations of a basic scheduling tool.

Top Benefits of Healthcare Workforce Management

  • Maximize Efficient Workflows
  • Manage Complex Scheduling Needs
  • Accelerate Speed to Care
  • Access Analytics and Reporting
  • Identify and Reduce Burnout
  • Ensure Accurate Provider Pay
  • Auto-Generate OR Case Schedules
  • Schedule Beyond Providers
  • Enhance Resource Allocation and Utilization

The Lightning Bolt Difference

Balanced and Optimized Schedule Creation

The algorithm is designed to produce the best possible schedule every time. This isn’t just a good schedule—it’s the best. Team members simply enter their preferences and requests. Lightning Bolt handles the rest.

High Deployment and Adoption Rates

Lightning Bolt has the highest adoption rates at hospitals across the US and the highest deployment among enterprise locations, including top IDNs and academic medical centers. Lightning Bolt enables these organizations to manage their workforce effectively.

Daily OR Case Scheduling

Lightning Bolt optimizes resources for your highest revenue producer by auto-generating daily OR case schedules for anesthesia departments. It is the only solution that accommodates unlimited rules and teaming preferences.

Burnout and Wellness Tools

Keep tabs on the root causes of burnout and preempt their effects. Our in-app survey allows you to uncover areas for improvement and take proactive steps to protect your team’s wellness.

Essential Healthcare Workforce Management Integrations

Integrating Lightning Bolt’s powerful scheduling functionalities with key clinical solutions allows you to increase enterprise-wide productivity and meet operational business objectives by streamlining workflows across the organization.

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