Optimized Provider Scheduling

Improve work-life balance and increase patient access

Considers thousands of scheduling variables to create the best possible schedule – every time.

Utilize AI Combinatorial Optimization

Most physician scheduling software relies on basic schedule automation that only chooses the first available option. Unfortunately, this leads to incomplete schedules that require manual work to fill unnecessary gaps.

Thanks to combinatorial complexity, an infinite number of possible physician shift schedules can be generated. Embracing the true complexity of provider scheduling, Lightning Bolt utilizes AI combinatorial optimization to consider every possible outcome.

Benefits of an Optimized Provider Scheduling Solution

Enhance Provider Satisfaction

  • Access the schedule anywhere, anytime
  • View a centralized request calendar with instant time-off approval
  • Accommodate the team’s individualized criteria, including productivity, specialization, and personal preferences
  • Ensure on-call and shift schedules are fair and equitable
Improve Patient Access

  • Meet patient demands with optimal resource allocation
  • Ensure an adequate number of providers are scheduled for a predicted influx of patients
  • Avoid potential patient leakage
Streamline Workflows

  • Promote efficiency by accessing accurate schedules updated in real time
  • Locate providers by integrating with communication platform
  • Reduce time spent creating and managing schedules by up to 95%

Automatically Generate the Best Possible Shift Schedule by Considering Hundreds of Personalized Needs

Recurring Department Meetings
Equitable On-Call Shift Distribution
Provider Shift and Time-Off Preferences
Interdepartmental Cross-Scheduling
Residency Schedule Restrictions
Recovery Time and Overnight Shifts
FTE Statuses
Staffing Requirements
Multiple Locations

“While the staff-created schedule took 60 hours to 75 hours per month, the AI system generates the schedule over a 14-hour period to deliver the best schedule option for the department.”

Dr. Dhruv Choudhry

Resident Anesthesiologist at Ochsner Health

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