Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer my current information from different software to Lightning Bolt?

Yes! We make your transition easy by importing a spreadsheet of your past schedules, including personnel, assignments, patterns, eligibility, and compatibility, ensuring all your historical data is available in Lightning Bolt for running reports.

What is the key difference between Lightning Bolt and other products on the market?

Unlike other products that simply digitize manual scheduling, Lightning Bolt uses an AI-enabled process called combinatorial optimization to identify the best solution—in this case, a schedule—from a finite set of possibilities. By considering multiple variables such as staff availability, skill sets, and shift preferences, combinatorial optimization allows Lightning Bolt to rapidly identify the optimal schedule that maximizes resource utilization while meeting organizational constraints. This process advances operational efficiency, improves staff satisfaction by building fairer schedules, and enhances patient care by ensuring that the right personnel are in the right place at the right time.

Can I get my schedule on my iPhone/iPad/Android device?

Yes, our subscription feature allows you to get your latest schedule on any iOS or Android device, with real-time updates. We also offer a native iPhone app for free.

Does it work on a Mac, Windows, or Linux?

Lightning Bolt is web-based and fully functional on Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms.

Can I import my schedule into Outlook/Google Calendar?

Yes, using our subscriptions feature, your schedule will automatically update in Outlook or Google Calendar with any changes.

Can the system schedule nurses, mid-level providers, technicians, or physician assistants (PAs)?

Yes, our system is flexible enough to schedule any staff. It can also assign operating room (OR) cases to anesthesia staff and schedule examination rooms and even veterinarians.

What are the technical support hours?

Technical support is available from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern Time (5:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time) via phone (1.866.202.4323 ext. 4), email, or submitting a request.

How does varying staff size impact pricing?

Licenses are per seat, so replacements don’t affect pricing. However, a net increase in scheduled individuals requires additional licenses.

Can the system be initialized with tallies from past data?

Yes, either by loading actual past schedules or summaries in the form of tallies to produce new schedules based on historical data.

Will Lightning Bolt set up the scheduling rules, or can I?

We assist with initial setup and training. Users can choose to maintain the system themselves or rely on our support. If the rules change, we can also handle it or you can do it yourself.

What if our rules change after the initial setup?

We offer unlimited professional services and technical support to help you adapt the system to new rules, whether you prefer us to handle it or do it yourself.

Is there a limit on the number of providers or shifts the system can schedule?

No, our system can handle schedules for large groups with no technical limits on providers or tasks.

Do you integrate with other solutions?

Yes, we recommend integrating to enhance workforce management and operational efficiency. Check out some of our integrations.

Is Lightning Bolt only for large groups, or can it help small practices?

Yes, it can help smaller practices! Many of our smaller practices find Lightning Bolt to be very beneficial to have one source of truth and be able to easily submit time-off requests, make last minute shift swaps, create optimal holiday schedules, access schedules on mobile, and overall experience an increase in convenience.