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Can I transfer my current information from a different software to Lightning Bolt?2017-12-07T09:53:55-08:00

Yes! If you’re currently using a different scheduling software, we make your transition easy by simply importing a spreadsheet of your past schedules. We can import all personnel and assignments, and even the possibility of assignment patterns, eligibility, and compatibility. You will have all your historical data in Lightning Bolt for running reports.

How long has Lightning Bolt been in existence?2017-09-25T15:51:22-07:00

Lightning Bolt was founded in 2002 and has been providing physician scheduling services since then. Our clients have been very happy with our offerings for over a decade!

What is the key difference between Lightning Bolt and other products on the market?2017-12-07T09:55:27-08:00

There are several products that simply provide an electronic version of the same scheduling process that is often done by hand. Lightning Bolt’s system goes beyond manual scheduling to use AI and machine learning to automatically generate the best possible schedule for your healthcare teams. The power of combinatorial optimization helps healthcare leaders build schedules that reduce physician burnout, improve patient access, and flexibly respond to changes.

Can I get my schedule on my iPhone/iPad/Android mobile device?2014-06-20T23:07:11-07:00

Yes, using our subscriptions feature, you can easily get your latest schedule on any iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) or Android device and have it automatically reflect any changes made since the schedule was generated. We have also designed a native iPhone app that can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store.

Can I get a paper schedule as well?2014-06-20T23:05:27-07:00

Sure, you can print out schedules from the system. You can even customize the view that’s printed based on your specific needs.

Can I import my schedule into Outlook?2014-06-20T23:05:00-07:00

Yes, using our subscriptions feature, you can easily get your latest schedule on Outlook and have it automatically reflect any changes made since the schedule was generated.

Can I access my schedule via Google Calendar?2014-06-20T23:04:31-07:00

Yes, using our subscriptions feature, you can easily get your latest schedule on Google Calendar and have it automatically reflect any changes made since the schedule was generated.

Can the system be used to schedule nurses, mid-level providers, technicians, or PAs?2014-06-20T23:03:50-07:00

Yes, the system has been designed with flexibility to schedule any kind of staff.

Can the system also be used for patient or appointment scheduling?2014-06-20T23:03:12-07:00

No, the Lightning Bolt system only schedules providers and other staff.

What technology does Lightning Bolt use to develop the system?2014-06-20T23:02:11-07:00

We use a variety of tools and development platforms to produce our software including the latest Web 2.0 and open-source technologies. We always try to find the best tool for the job!

What security provisions does Lightning Bolt implement to protect client data?2017-09-25T15:51:22-07:00

Lightning Bolt takes user data security very seriously. We store our clients’ data on secure servers in data centers with 24×7 video surveillance cameras, bio-metric (palm scanning) access, and lockable cabinet access. As an added security measure, we also backup data across multiple geographical locations.

What are the technical support hours?2022-08-02T13:18:38-07:00

Lightning Bolt provides two types of support to our users:

  1. Our dedicated Technical Consultants can analyze your requirements and help configure the scheduling rules to create the best schedule possible. This service is provided by our Technical Consultants during our business hours from 8:00 am – 8pm EST (5:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time) or by appointment.
  2. General technical support on how to use the system. This is available during support hours via phone (1.866.202.4323 ext. 4), e-mail, or by submitting a request.
Can I get help if I have questions on the software?2017-09-25T15:51:22-07:00

Yes, each client is assigned an application consultant who is familiar with the group’s unique scheduling requirements and can help you with questions that are specific to your group. Please also see the FAQ on technical support hours below.

Our staff size varies throughout the year. How does this impact pricing?2014-06-20T22:57:55-07:00

The licenses you purchase are per seat. Hence, as a provider leaves and another joins as a replacement, there is no impact on pricing. However, if there is a net gain in the total number of individuals being scheduled, you would need to purchase additional licenses.

What is the cost of the system?2021-12-13T07:10:11-08:00

Your investment on the system is in the form of a monthly subscription fee, which is based on the number of individuals on the schedule, each counted as a license. The first-year monthly fee is different from the monthly fee for subsequent years as it includes the cost of the professional services, technical support, and training to provide you with the scheduling solution that you need. Please call our analysts at 1-866-202-4323 for a specific quote for your group.

Can the system be used to determine whether a desired schedule is possible with available staff?2014-11-06T10:25:27-08:00

Yes, Lightning Bolt has built-in functionality that can determine whether a schedule exists for the available staff with the requirements and rules that you specify. If it’s impossible to meet all specified rules, the system can generate schedules that meet most of the rules based on your rule-ranking.

We have some tallies from past data. Is there a way to initialize the system with past data?2014-06-20T22:55:47-07:00

Yes, there are two ways to initialize the system with past information. One way is to load the actual past schedules into the system. There is no limit on how much past data you can load. The other (simpler) method is to load summaries in the form of tallies. These summaries can then be used by the system to produce new schedules based on historical data.

Our organization is growing rapidly. What if the rules change after the initial setup? Who will change the configuration to adapt to these changes?2014-06-20T22:55:03-07:00

Your subscription to our web-based service would include professional services and technical support on how best to configure the system to produce the desired result. We are happy to help you make changes to your configuration of scheduling rules to create the best schedule possible but many of our end users prefer to do this on their own.

Will Lightning Bolt setup the rules for scheduling or will I be able to setup my own rules?2014-06-20T22:53:48-07:00

We can be involved as much or as little as you need or want us to. Certainly, we are involved at the beginning to help you get started and provide you with training. To get started, an application consultant would take your requirements and configure the system to produce schedules. Once configured, some of our users would prefer for us to maintain the system. Others would prefer to be more hands-on. Either way, unlimited professional services and technical support is provided as part of your subscription.

Is there a limit on number of providers or shifts that the system can schedule?2014-06-20T22:52:22-07:00

No, we schedule multi-disciplinary clinics, hospitals and universities with thousands of providers. We have fully automated the scheduling process for groups with as many as 150 doctors in one large schedule. There is no technical limit on the number of tasks/assignments or the number providers that can be scheduled in the system.

Our provider scheduling requirements are uniquely complex. Will this work for us?2021-12-13T07:10:33-08:00

We understand that scheduling rules and requirements are unique to each group. Since 2002, we have not run across two schedules that are exactly the same. To accommodate varying requirements, we’ve built a flexible system that can be configured and customized to your unique needs. For an analysis of what the system can do for your group, please call us at 1-866-202-4323. There is no cost for this analysis.

How do I get started?2021-12-13T07:09:02-08:00

Here are a couple ways to get started:

  1. To speak with one of our analysts, please call us at 1-866-202-4323.
  2. Register for a free online demo.
What kind of efficiency can I expect to get using the system?2014-06-20T22:48:29-07:00

Efficiency gains vary depending on the complexity of the schedules. In general, our users see a 90% reduction in the time required to create and maintain schedules.

Does it work on a Mac or only on Windows? How about Linux?2014-06-20T22:47:50-07:00

Every function available in the system is available on Mac, Windows and Linux platforms.

Is this a Web-based application or something I install on my computer?2014-06-20T22:46:09-07:00

Lightning Bolt offers a Web-based application. There is nothing to install on your desktop, laptop, or any hand-held devices.