Texting Patient Orders: A Discussion with PerfectServe

CMS recently updated its policy to permit the use of secure texting platforms to send patient orders. This shift understandably raised a lot of questions, which is why PerfectServe brought together a panel of industry experts to discuss the implications and how organizations might go about implementing new patient order texting protocols in a way that improves efficiency while protecting patient safety.

Watch the full session to hear insightful perspectives about this policy update and how PerfectServe will partner with customers to work through the change.


Amanda Brown
Vice President, Nursing Workforce and Professional Practice
Baptist Health

Tracey Moffatt
Internal Senior Executive Consultant
Ochsner Health

Eric Eskioglu, MD, MBA
Physician Executive Senior Partner
Csuite Growth Advisors

PerfectServe Team

Kelly Conklin
Chief Customer Officer & Chief Clinical Officer

Ben Moore
Chief Innovation Officer

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