Lightning Bolt Gets Top Marks for Overall Performance, Ease of Use, Quality of Support, and Proactive Service in 2023 KLAS Physician Scheduling Report

Customers also validated that Lightning Bolt contributes to more balanced workloads for clinicians and better care coordination

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. [November 2, 2023] — PerfectServe®, a leading provider of cloud-based clinical collaboration and provider scheduling solutions, today announced that its Lightning Bolt Scheduling solution scored highest for overall performance, ease of use, quality of support, and proactive service in the new KLAS Physician Scheduling 2023 report.

For the report, KLAS captured feedback from 60 individual Lightning Bolt users—the most of any vendor—representing 48 different healthcare organizations. Their questions focused on “customer experience pillars” in the areas of culture, loyalty, operations, product, relationship, and value. Lightning Bolt turned in a class-leading performance across the board:

  • The solution’s overall performance score (90.9) was highest in the segment, and the only one among its competitive set to outperform the market average.
  • The report notes that Lightning Bolt is the easiest solution to use and that it becomes even more intuitive with time.
  • Customers validated that Lightning Bolt drives a number of positive outcomes, including “better-balanced clinician workloads and improved care coordination.”
  • Lightning Bolt also received top marks for “responsive and helpful” service and the quality of its web and phone support.

“This report captures the core strengths that have always been part of Lightning Bolt’s foundation,” said PerfectServe CEO Guillaume Castel. “This technology is approachable, it’s built and maintained by knowledgeable people who really care about helping customers succeed, and it has a tangible impact in critical areas for the organizations that use it. I’m proud of our team, and I’m looking forward to finding new and even better ways to delight our customers.”

The importance of a strong customer support function was front and center at the recent Lightning Bolt User Summit in La Jolla, California. The annual event gives customers a chance to network with each other and the Lightning Bolt team while sharing insights and talking all things provider scheduling. In their sessions, three customers echoed the KLAS report in explaining what it’s like to partner with Lightning Bolt:

  • Branden McDaniel, Lovelace Medical Group: “Going with Lightning Bolt was one of the best decisions we made. Part of it is because Lightning Bolt is different—they want to help us, they want to grow with us, and they want to change and make things better for us. They don’t force you into their silo or the way they do things. They’re willing to adapt and change.”
  • Phillip Main, Boston Children’s Hospital: “The [Lightning Bolt] team is really great. They’re going to listen to you, and they can provide different examples of how they can work with you to accomplish [your goal]. It’s not pushing anything on you. I’ve loved working with them for the last five or six years.”
  • Dr. Sara Clark, AnMed Pediatric Hospitalists: “I feel so blessed. I’m so thankful we went with Lightning Bolt. At first, you’re like, we’re switching to something new and we’re going to have to learn it. And now, especially with all the different pieces layered in, I don’t know how we could have made it happen and not just really suffered so much more without [Lightning Bolt]. The support system was just completely nonexistent in the [other solutions we used].” For more, read the full AnMed Pediatric Hospitalists success story.

As the market for provider scheduling technology matures, Lightning Bolt offers a unique proposition bolstered by combinatorial optimization (the same algorithm used by the NFL and the airline industry), almost limitless scalability and interoperability, and a support structure that includes dedicated technical consultants, product managers, and a development team. With every customer, the goal is to efficiently auto-generate the best schedule every time, regardless of complexity.

More analysis can be found in the full KLAS Physician Scheduling 2023 report. Visit the Lightning Bolt website to learn more about how the provider and staff scheduling solution supports wellness, increases productivity, and ensures patient access.

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