Power Unique Use Cases

Support health system metrics: beyond provider scheduling

Optimized schedules tailored to your entire organization’s unique needs

Scheduling isn’t just for providers.
Drive value throughout your entire organization.

Unify Care Teams

Pair non-provider clinical staff with select providers to ensure the best care teams are assembled and available.

Teaming clinicians together based on assignment needs, patient volumes, and provider & clinician preferences promotes the best patient care and greatest clinician and provider satisfaction.

High-Demand Resource Mapping

Pair high-demand equipment, space, and other critical resources with providers as needed to facilitate patient care.

Cross-Departmental Optimization

Support the unique scheduling needs of every department and optimize resources across the organization.

Ensure that individuals with cross-departmental responsibilities are not over obligated.

Power Clinical Communication

Ingest schedules into your transfer center, call center, and clinical communication software to ensure calls and text messages are accurately routed and care delivery is accurate and fast.
Deliver the best patient care by creating seamless and accurate communication workflows.

Distribute Shifts Fairly

Through robust reporting, ensure coveted shift and PTO times are evenly distributed to reduce frustration amongst the team. Track equity of assignments both retroactively and for future schedules. Promote transparency and eliminate any perception of bias around schedule creation and management.

On-Call Schedules Visible Enterprise-Wide

Accurate on-call schedule visibility helps call center operators, nurses, and other clinical staff access the right caregiver rapidly. A reliable “locate and connect” feature streamlines communication and speed to care.

Access past on-call schedules to help adhere to specific regulatory and compliance requirements.

Align Acute, Post-Acute, and Remote Teams

Care team members are increasingly remote and distributed across settings. Cloud delivery of a common, accurate, up-to-date schedule allows for ‘anywhere’ access from any device.

Ensure Payroll Accuracy

Automate the transfer of “worked hours” scheduling data to payroll to support accurate accounting and eliminate human error.

Include pay differentials for nights, alternative locations, overtime, holidays, and any other custom pay rates. Integrate seamlessly to your payroll system.

Mitigate Clinician Fatigue

Monitor in-app wellness surveys, fatigue reduction rules, and analytics to identify staff potential for burnout.

Our combinatorial optimization technology solves for the best schedule, equalizing and balancing it amongst providers and auto-generating with no gaps.

Schedule Scenario Modeling

Draft schedules allow the ability to preview different scenarios and select the most optimal and balanced schedule that meets preferences and requirements.

Public Access

Maintain schedule integrity through read-only public links that promote schedule transparency without risking schedule changes that are not required.

“University of Kentucky Healthcare deployed enterprise-wide on-call scheduling integrated with their call finding tool and reduced the time to connect with a a provider from 8 minutes and 13 seconds to just 1 minute, 1 second.”

University of Kentucky Healthcare

The Positive Impact on
Organizations and Providers

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