Free Up Valuable Time for Schedulers

Streamline the schedule creation process for the entire care team

Auto-generate an errorless, complete schedule that minimizes the need for adjustments and saves time for administrators.

Top Features of Advanced Scheduling for Schedulers


Most schedulers have to manually create schedules that account for criteria like provider preferences, department needs, and legal requirements. By automating this process, you can:

  • Produce equitable and balanced schedules
  • Account for individual preferences and requests
  • Meet departmental and organizational requirements
  • Avoid unintentional favoritism
Fewer Post-Creation Adjustments

When schedules are auto-generated using rules tailored to your organization’s unique needs and preferences, there’s little need for adjustments after the fact. Benefits include:

  • Fewer back-and-forth calls/emails to make changes when the schedule is published
  • Real-time access for all applicable staff to ensure schedule updates are instantly reflected
  • Seamless shift swaps that don’t require scheduler/administrator intervention

From a Manual Spreadsheet to an Optimized Solution

“The program, in addition to saving countless hours in the scheduling process, helps us to individualize our schedules, which in turn helps us to recruit and retain new physicians.”

Autumn Moser, M.D.

Associate Medical Director, Regional Service Line Chair for Complex Primary Care Providence Health Systems – Everett Clinic, Everett, WA

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