Radiology Scheduling Software

Auto-generate optimized schedules for radiology departments

Our AI-optimized technology works to maximize productivity across various sub-specialties and multiple locations for radiologists and other radiology staff.

No Schedule Is Too Complex for Lightning Bolt

Building shift schedules for radiology teams is no easy feat. On any given week, you’re scheduling multiple providers with various sub specialties across a number of locations.

With our AI optimization technology, top radiology departments use an average of 79 set scheduling rules and 116 shift change requests each month.

Top Benefits of a Radiology Scheduling Solution


  • Achieve 90% schedule accuracy
  • Spend 82% less time managing schedules
  • Centralize time-off requests
  • Access detailed reports and analytics included in the admin features

  • Access up-to-date schedules anywhere, any time
  • Receive instant time-off approval
  • Make online shift changes
  • Accommodate personal preferences
  • Gain scheduling transparency and equity

  • Recover thousands of hours of productivity*
  • Reduce burnout and staff turnover
  • Streamline workflows through Lightning Bolt integrations

*UK HealthCare: Reclaiming 1,000+ Hours Per Year With Optimized Scheduling

Create and Prioritize Rules Built to Fit Unique Team Needs

Create rules that ensure equal shift distribution, account for provider preferences, and meet the needs of each location. Our robust rules-based scheduling engine considers thousands of variables to generate your most optimal and complete schedule, every time.

Each eligible provider works at most 3 CT shifts per month
Schedule at least 1 mammogram specialist at Central Hospital every Tuesday
Do not schedule back-to-back weekends of call
Dr. Smith prefers not to be on night call Wednesdays
Equalize number of times providers are scheduled for diagnostic weekend night call
If the weekend call provider cannot get post-call on Tuesday, schedule any day that same week

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