Fighting Physician Burnout

Optimize provider schedules to support clinician wellness

Accommodate personalized provider preferences and promote autonomy, increase flexibility, and simplify workflows.

Physician Burnout by the Numbers


of U.S. physicians expressed the prevalence of burnout in their roles in 2021. (Mayo Clinic Proceedings)


of medical residents reported falling asleep while driving due to work-related fatigue. (UCLA)


estimated costs of burnout-related turnover in U.S. hospitals and health systems. (National Taskforce for Humanity in Healthcare)


If not addressed, burnout often leads to depression, addiction, and suicidal ideation. (NCBI)


Burned-out physicians are twice as likely to be involved in patient safety incidents. (JAMA Internal Medicine)


The projected deficit number of physicians in the U.S. by 2025 due to burnout and decreased productivity.
(Mayo Clinic Proceedings)

Pinpoint Burnout

In-app Wellness Survey

  • Be aware of the risk of burnout based on personalized feedback from individuals

Burnout Tracking Tool

  • Utilize analytics to showcase fatigue risk

Mitigate Burnout

Consult With Our Team

  • Our experienced team will help you build and personalize schedules to lower burnout risk

Implement Fatigue Busting Tools

  • Our customizable rules set is proven to reduce or eliminate provider fatigue

Generate Fair and Balanced Schedules Every Time

  • Avoid over-burdening providers
  • Flex to meet patient demand surges
  • Account for provider productivity variances
  • Incorporate more preferences and requests
  • Distribute holiday shifts evenly

Reducing Burnout Starts with Smarter Scheduling

Enhance Job

Give providers greater control over their schedule and allow more flexibility.

  • Accommodate personal provider preferences
  • Simplify the shift-swapping request workflow
  • Analyze and account for provider workload
Evaluate Provider

Better provider wellness fosters better patient care.

  • Be proactive with in-app wellness surveys
  • Monitor reports for fatigue risk across all providers
  • Set personalized rules to minimize fatigue and prevent burnout
Reduce Administrative Burden

Our advanced AI-enabled software considers thousands of variables to auto-generate the best possible schedule.

  • Reduce scheduling-related errors
  • Increase the time-off approval rate
  • Ensure equitable distribution of night and weekend shifts

The Positive Impact on Organizations and Providers

“I have nothing but good things to say about Lightning Bolt. It saves me countless hours by creating the schedule and allowing providers to manage their requests. The system is absolutely fantastic.”

Brian M Lahmann, MD

Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine, Tower Health

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