Patient Access Optimization

Maximize resource utilization to improve patient access

Ensure the right resources are available to accommodate fluctuations in patient demand.

Benefits for Patients, Providers, and Systems Alike

Increase Patient Access

  • Increase patient access and support same-day appointment availability.
  • Ensure patients receive the right care at the right time from the right physician.
Minimize Staff Burnout

  • Optimize use of provider time.
  • Prioritize provider preferences to instill feelings of equity and value.
  • Staff accordingly to accommodate anticipated patient influxes.
Meet Business Goals

  • Analyze the gap between patient demand and provider supply.
  • Prevent patient leakage.
  • Optimize the use of valuable resources, including provider time, exam room availability, equipment, and more.
Maximize Resource Utilization

  • Analyze data reports to find and mend resource gaps.
  • Avoid overutilization and underutilization of resources.
  • Implement specific scheduling rules to maximize workforce efficiency.

Balance is Key

  • When patient demand exceeds resource supply, you end up with overworked staff, burned-out providers, frustrated patients, and delayed care.
  • When resource supply exceeds patient demand, your underutilized resources cost the organization money.
  • Utilize a solution that maps resource supply to predicted demand.

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