From clinic and on-call shifts to surgery cases, smarter shift scheduling in obstetrics
and gynecology increases efficiency and improves patient access.

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Key Benefits for OB-GYN Shift Scheduling

Easily consider providers’ specific scheduling needs and preferences

Ensure adequate patient coverage

Automatically create fair and balanced schedules

Conveniently track detailed scheduling and request data

Top OB-GYN departments use an average of 111 set scheduling rules and flexibly accommodate an average of 122 shift change requests each month using Lightning Bolt’s AI optimization technology. Balancing clinic and hospital days with on-call shifts for deliveries, our scientific approach enables OB-GYN teams to promote flexible scheduling and work-life balance in this complex specialty.

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Space call assignments to prevent back-to-back overnight and weekend calls in labor and delivery.
Require a minimum of 1 surgeon on call every day in labor and delivery.
Equalize OR shifts among all surgeons.
Surgeons should receive 4 OR blocks per month.

All providers must work 6 clinic days per week.

Fill at least 4 clinic rooms per day.

The Most Advanced OB-GYN Scheduling Technology

“Our scheduling needs in the department of obstetrics and gynaecology in the largest maternity center in Canada are complex. Lightning Bolt enabled us to coordinate our numerous variables within an academic physician model into a condensed schedule.The technical support has been exceptional in responding and customizing our requirements. In addition, the reporting capacity of the software is the best vehicle to monitor resource allocation. Once you surpass the documentation and fine-tuning of your scheduling rules, you reap the benefits of an automated system.”

-Maureen Conlon

Provincial Health Services Authority, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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