Mobile Scheduling App

Up-to-Date Provider Schedules Anytime, Anywhere

Simplify Workflows with Lightning Bolt

See real-time schedules across multiple departments and sync shift schedules with your personal calendars.

  • Easily navigate through the schedule.
  • Quickly see who’s working today.
  • Submit and monitor time-off requests.
  • Conveniently trade shifts with colleagues.
  • Send and receive on-time communications.

Manage Schedules On-the-Go

Scheduling administrators are able to access all the tools they need to manage schedules when they’re away from their desks. Approve time-off requests, edit the schedule and more, all on your device.

  • Approve time-off requests and shift swaps.
  • Easily make changes to the schedule.
  • Modify shift details by changing the start or end times.
  • Replace a provider and assignment.
Request Schedule Changes and Time Off

Requesting a schedule change or time-off has never been simpler. No more paper notes or back-and-forth emails. With the click of a button, providers can add new requests and view pending requests, streamlining the submission and management process. Plus, administrators can automatically approve or deny requests based on set rules.

Securely Communicate with Colleagues for Better Care Coordination

Our mobile app reduces delays in patient care and makes care coordination easier than ever. With just the click of a button, providers can see who is on the schedule right from the Lightning Bolt app.

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