Physician Scheduling for Medical Practices

Build optimized physician shift schedules

Improve work-life balance, increase schedule transparency, and reduce administrative burden.

Top Benefits of Optimized Scheduling for Medical Practices

Nearly half of the healthcare organizations in the US are still scheduling their physicians manually—taking up to 1,000 hours a year—and wasting valuable physician time.

Save Time

Reduce the time required to build and manage your practice’s provider schedules by up to 90%.

Increase Fairness

Generate balanced, transparent schedules that divide shifts and on-call schedules evenly.

Reduce Burnout

Easily submit time-off requests and shift trades to achieve a more flexible work schedule.

Increase Patient Access

Aligning patient demand with provider supply, it allows more opportunity for patients to be seen in a timely manner, rather than having to make an unnecessary visit to the emergency department.

Meet Coverage Needs

Forecasted influxes of patients is possible with our advanced analytics. Be sure your practice is prepared with optimal staffing.

Fulfill Staffing Requirements

Schedule providers, nurses, and preferred teams with confidence they are paired appropriately as well as meeting contractual requirements.

Create Fair, Flexible Schedules for Clinicians

Our transparent, rule-based settings help practices establish fair scheduling processes. Confront burnout head-on with a provider scheduling solution that auto-generates optimized schedules aligned with staff preferences.


“Any software can make a schedule, but Lightning Bolt’s software generates a schedule that’s optimized for the unique needs of each of the providers.”

Dr. Kenneth Serio

Scheduling Physician Scripps Medical Group, La Jolla, CA

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