Lightning Bolt Gets Top
Marks from KLAS

The 2023 KLAS Physician Scheduling Report

The 2023 KLAS Physician Scheduling Report channels the voice of the customer to outline the strengths and opportunities of prominent provider scheduling solutions. Measured against its direct competitors, Lightning Bolt Scheduling earned top marks for overall performance, ease of use, quality of support, and proactive service. Respondents also validated that Lightning Bolt enhances care coordination workflows and supports better work-life balance.

General Market Insight: Overall Performance

Lightning Bolt earned a 90.9 overall performance score, making it the only solution in the segment rated above the market average.

Quality of Support

Lightning Bolt handily surpasses the competition in proactive service and support, with a dedicated consultant team and customized partnership model that drives a 100% post-implementation customer satisfaction rating.

Ease of Use

Customers tabbed Lightning Bolt as the segment leader for ease of use. The gap between Lightning Bolt and other scheduling solutions only increases with time.

Lightning Bolt Stands Out From the Crowd

Today’s healthcare organization needs a strategic scheduling partner that can solve multiple problems, not several vendors that tackle different pieces of the puzzle. Lightning Bolt customers get:

  • One scheduling source of truth to power efficient clinical workflows and improved speed to care.
  • A solution whose users, according to KLAS interviews, report the “most positive impact” of any clinician scheduling platform and broad consistency “across all measured outcomes.”
  • Unparalleled support and service to drive maximum value and satisfaction with their investment.

For the complete KLAS analysis of the physician scheduling market, read the full report. To learn more about Lightning Bolt’s unique advantages or schedule a demo, contact us today.

*All data referenced in this document was collected by KLAS for the report titled, “Physician
Scheduling 2023: Organizations Improve Scheduling Efficiency & Visibility despite Complexities.”

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