Independent medical practices are succeeding with the help of smart shift scheduling technology.

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Improve Operations

Use advanced AI technology to easily manage schedules for hundreds of physicians across multiple care settings.

Increase Retention

Support physician satisfaction with fair, flexible shift schedules proven to drive 96.7% retention on large teams.

Lower Costs

Efficiently utilize physicians to reduce costs from scheduling administration, turnover, and locum coverage.


Run Your Medical Practice Like a Pro Team

The NFL uses the same AI technology and combinatorial optimization techniques to generate their season schedule as Lightning Bolt clients. Create smart physician shift schedules using optimization of hundreds of complex rules and requirements. Here’s how it works:

  • Automatically generate the best possible physician shift schedules based on your practice requirements
  • Work from centralized, real-time, mobile calendars
  • Set up automated processes for time-off requests
  • Integrate schedules into secure messaging systems
  • Analyze and export scheduling data to improve operations and compare performance between facilities
Explore How Scheduling Can Transform Your Medical Group

“We are a very large group of hospital based internal medicine physicians, with a variety of different priorities which often conflict with the need for patient care continuity. The program, in addition to saving countless hours in the scheduling process, helps us to individualize our schedules, which in turn helps us to recruit and retain new physicians.”

-Autumn Moser, M.D.

Providence Health Systems – Everett Clinic, Everett, WA


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