See why health leaders like Geisinger and Johns Hopkins chose Lightning Bolt for physician shift scheduling.

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Operational Efficiency

Optimize physician schedules to your health system’s unique rules, facilities and goals.

Physician Satisfaction

Reduce physician burnout and increase retention by providing flexible, transparent shifts.

Patient Access

Increase patient access and support same-day appointment availability with smarter schedules.

Physician Shift Scheduling for Large Organizations

Lightning Bolt’s AI-powered system easily manages thousands of physician shift schedules across multiple departments and facilities. Combinatorial optimization ensures that system-wide rules are applied for consistent, efficient calendars in each department. Our system is ranked No. 1 by KLAS because it:

  • Automatically generates the best possible physician shift schedules based on your unique requirements
  • Provides centralized, mobile calendars in real-time
  • Manages call lists connected to secure messaging
  • Creates automated processes for time-off and shift swap requests
  • Provides detailed data for analyzing the performance of shift schedules across a large system
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Ranked No. 1 two years in a row

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Balanced Efficiency for Healthcare Operations

It is possible to optimally align physician supply with patient demand to ensure patient access to care without pushing clinical staff to a point of fatigue — all while reducing operational costs. This seemingly impossible intersection requires complex, delicate balancing of an organization’s resources. Exactly the kind of optimization that Lightning Bolt’s AI approach is designed to find, and exactly what is needed for healthcare organizations navigating an increasingly complex landscape.

Advancing the Science of Scheduling

Lightning Bolt is a true partner to our clients, teaming on implementation, adjustments, expansion and analytics. We are constantly working to advance the science behind better physician shift schedules – looking at new patterns in handoff continuity scores, call times and burnout. Our team is a resource for your organization in optimizing physician scheduling to meet your larger goals.

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“In my opinion, Lightning Bolt Solutions is already way ahead of [a competing vendor that the doctor formerly used] for functionality, service, and responsiveness.”

-Marc Montella, M.D., Scheduling Physician


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