Provider Scheduling for Hospitals and Health Systems

Drive operational efficiency, advance care coordination, and improve care access

Utilize advanced scheduling capabilities to align resource supply with patient demand across the entire organization.

A Scalable Solution Benefiting the Entire Health System


Access enterprise-wide analytics and build customizable reports to achieve operational efficiency.

  • Location and service utilization across departments and locations
  • Assignment coverage across care services, locations, and departments
  • Gap analysis between patient demand and provider supply
  • Reports on time-off requests and approvals
  • Time tracking, shift tally, and other shift distribution reports

Every specialty has unique scheduling needs. Lightning Bolt accommodates over 150 specialties and subspecialties, no matter the complexity.

  • Customize schedule rules, views, and reports to meet the needs of the specialty or practice
  • Fairly distribute work across providers
  • Reduce time spent building and managing schedules by 90%
  • Access centralized, up-to-date schedules
  • Increase patient access and support same-day appointment availability

Empower providers to have control over their personal schedule to promote healthy work-life balance.

  • Easily request time off and swap shifts with colleagues
  • View schedules from any device
  • Equitable distribution of certain shifts, including on-call shifts and more
  • Accommodate provider preferences such as shift type, time-off requests, location

Did You Know?

Lighting Bolt has the most enterprise-wide clients, including top IDNs and academic medical centers.

Trusted by Leading Health Organizations

“University of Kentucky Healthcare deployed enterprise-wide on-call scheduling integrated with their call finding tool and reduced the time to connect with a provider from 8 minutes and 13 seconds to just 1 minute, 1 second.”

University of Kentucky Healthcare

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