Emergency Medicine Scheduling Software

Optimize shift schedules for emergency medicine groups

From round-the-clock coverage to shift equity for providers, Lightning Bolt enables emergency medicine teams to maximize flexible scheduling in this complex specialty.

Benefits of an Emergency Medicine Scheduling Solution

Lightning Bolt considers thousands of variables to create the best possible schedules every time. While other scheduling tools leave gaps in coverage for administrators to fill, ours consistently generates complete, optimized, and equitable schedules.

Align physician supply and patient demand with advanced reporting.

Equalize nights and weekends with optimized analytics.

Ensure physician well-being with adequate downtime between challenging shifts.

Simplify time-off requests and shift swaps.

Optimize Scheduling for Emergency
Medicine Departments

Emergency medicine is a complex specialty that requires an average of 62 set scheduling rules and the flexibility to accommodate 270+ shift change requests a month. Fortunately, our AI optimization technology supports an infinite number of customized rules.

FTE doctors work 17 shifts per month
Equalize weekends for all full-time providers
Dr. Jones prefers to work all his nights in a row
When coming off nights, no day shifts are allowed for at least three days
Schedule all providers in department meeting the first Wednesday of each month
A maximum of eight providers can take time off on the same day

“I have nothing but good things to say about Provider Scheduling powered by Lightning Bolt. It saves me countless hours by creating the schedule and allowing providers to manage their requests. The system is absolutely fantastic.”

Dr. Brian Lahmann

Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine Tower Health

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