Optimize schedules across multiple care settings

Whether you’re scheduling a small department within a large practice setting, need to coordinate hundreds of physicians across multiple locations all at once, or need to bridge scheduling gaps throughout your entire hospital or health system, you can use Lightning Bolt to meet your unique needs. Designed so that it’s easy to customize according to your own processes and requirements, Lightning Bolt is used within multiple care settings to consistently deliver optimized schedules.

Small Groups and Departments

Small groups and departments today face significant challenges when it comes to balancing the needs of patients with those of physicians. Administrative tasks required of doctors today are at an all-time high, taking valuable time away from patient care. A whopping 96% of physicians reported that the amount of time they spend on data input has increased in the last 10 years, according to a recent study by Geneia.

With Lightning Bolt, small groups and departments can spend less time generating optimized schedules that work better for your physicians, your patients, and your business. Per-physician pricing means your small group has affordable access to the same sophisticated technology used by the largest health systems in the country.

“True hell is the contemplation of Lightning Bolt going away.”

Scheduling Physician, The University of Missouri, Department of Anesthesiology

Large Practices

Large practices and their leaders today face significant challenges when it comes to managing compensation, recruiting, and retention. Physician burnout remains a persistent problem (recent studies show a burnout rate of 43.9%), driving up retention and recruitment costs. At Stanford Medicine alone, physician burnout costs at least $7.75 million a year.

Large practices use Lightning Bolt to more efficiently create schedules for hundreds of physicians across multiple care settings that support physician work-life balance, increasing retention rates and lowering turnover costs.

Hospitals & Health Systems

Hospitals and health systems today are facing a triple challenge: improve patient access, meet key business objectives, and increase clinician satisfaction and retention—all in the middle of a persistent physician burnout epidemic.

Lightning Bolt is healthcare’s most advanced solution for optimized physician scheduling, used by top hospitals and health systems. With Lightning Bolt, you can optimally align physician supply with patient demand to ensure patient access to care, without pushing clinical staff to the point of fatigue—all while reducing operational costs.

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