Cardiology Scheduling Software

Optimize shift schedules for cardiology departments

Across inpatient and outpatient settings, optimized cardiology scheduling enables faster response times and improved patient access.

No Schedule is Too Complex for Lightning Bolt

Each month, leading cardiology departments use an average of 84 set scheduling rules and flexibly to accommodate 68 shift change requests using our AI optimization technology. From call equity to shift linking, we enable cardiology teams to maximize efficiency and ensure shift coverage without risking physician burnout.

Benefits of a Cardiology Scheduling Solution

Create Equitable Schedules

Lightning Bolt’s advanced analytics ensure the proper distribution of on-call, night, and weekend shifts between cardiologists.

Improve Scheduling Accuracy

Schedules update dynamically so no matter which device a schedule is accessed from, it’s always the most up-to-date version.

Ensure Adequate Coverage

Align patient demand with physician availability, ensuring patients can receive the best, timeliest care possible.

Popular Cardiology Scheduling Rules

With the most granular rule prioritization on the market, Lightning Bolt auto-generates the best available cardiology shift schedules based on the needs of your organization and your providers.

No weekend calls after a Friday night call
All MDs must be scheduled in the cath lab one day per week
Interventional MDs work STEMI call max one weekend per month
When coming off nights, no day shifts for a minimum of three days
If you scheduled an echo then schedule a STEMI for the following day
Limit the number of providers who can have vacation on the same day*

*Rules monitoring time-off and vacations are requested to ensure coverage before optimizing a schedule.

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