Across subspecialties and clinic sites, smarter shift scheduling in cardiology
increases efficiency and ensures patient access to care.

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Key Benefits for Cardiology Shift Scheduling

Equalize difficult on-call shifts across providers

Ensure adequate patient coverage

Automate shift swaps and schedule changes

Easily link related shifts for consistency

Each month, leading cardiology divisions use an average of 84 set scheduling rules and flexibly accommodate an average of 68 shift change requests using Lightning Bolt’s AI optimization technology. From call equity to shift linking, our advanced approach enables cardiology teams to maximize efficiency and ensure shift coverage without risking physician burnout.

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Samples of Popular Cardiology Scheduling Rules

Track and equally distribute weekday and weekend call shift blocks.
Call weeks should be spaced out by a minimum of 3 weeks.
All doctors should be assigned a set number of clinic shifts per month and quarter.
Link TEE AM shift with ECO on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

The Most Advanced Cardiology Scheduling Technology

“One of the physicians commented that this is the best call schedule he has ever seen.”

-Sheila Orr

North Central Heart Institute, Sioux Falls, SD

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