This morning, we shared the news that Lightning Bolt has joined the PerfectServe team along with CareWire, a mobile patient engagement platform. PerfectServe has been around for nearly 20 years, and today they stand as a leading provider of cloud-based clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) solutions.

Today’s news closely follows the announcement a few weeks ago that PerfectServe had acquired Telmediq, another leading secure communications platform. Together, these best-of-breed solutions possess the most comprehensive set of CC&C capabilities on the market.

Each brand joining the PerfectServe family is a standout healthcare technology solution in its own right, and we’re bringing them all together under one roof. Here’s a quick introduction to each of them:

  • Telmediq, as previously noted, is the top KLAS-rated vendor for secure communications platforms in 2019. With its call center solution, nurse mobility strategy, advanced alert and alarm management capabilities, mass notification functionality and strong customer relationships, this platform brings unmistakable value to the PerfectServe portfolio. Together, PerfectServe and Telmediq offer the most comprehensive set of clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) capabilities on the market, with the two platforms counting more than 500,000 clinical users across 250 hospital sites and 27,000 physician practices and post-acute care organizations.
  • CareWire uses SMS texting – the most widespread communication method – to drive patient engagement. By using text messages, the solution reaches patients and family caregivers of all ages and socioeconomic statuses without requiring an app download or a password. With its encounter navigation assistance and tailored messages that use social determinants of health data, CareWire drives reduced cost and readmissions, improved chronic care management and better clinical outcomes. This accessible approach to care coordination also boosts patient satisfaction. CareWire is currently deployed in 10,000 care locations, where it optimizes the care experience across 42,000 patient interactions per day.

The combination of these companies is part of PerfectServe’s effort to build the care team collaboration platform of the future. For more about this news, head over to the PerfectServe blog.