Anesthesiology Scheduling Software

Optimize Shift Schedules for Anesthesiology Departments

Inside and outside the operating room, smarter anesthesiology scheduling improves efficiency and patient safety.

Physician Shift Scheduling vs.
Operating Room Case Assignments

Lightning Bolt’s powerful combinatorial optimization technology
can be applied to both the monthly staffing schedule and the daily OR case schedule.

Physician Shift Scheduling
  • Auto-generate the best possible physician schedule based on your team’s unique rules.
  • Incorporate provider preferences into every schedule.
  • Providers access and manage schedules from any location, on any device.
  • Manage on-call schedules up to the minute, allow staff to locate on-call providers easily, and streamline care.
Operating Room Case Scheduling
  • Scheduling rules take into account drive time, provider preferences, and downtime between cases.
  • Auto-generate better schedules (read: no mistakes) in a fraction of the time, even for the most complex groups.
  • Instantly distribute completed schedules.
  • Regularly pair staff together based on established teaming preferences.

Our Anesthesia Scheduling Solution Benefits Everyone


  • Better work-life balance
  • Swap shifts on the go
  • Instant time-off approvals

  • Faster response times from providers
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Improved patient access

  • Create equitable schedules
  • Access and share accurate, real-time schedules
  • Include individual provider preferences

  • Drive efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce burnout and turnover
  • Streamline workflows

Popular Anesthesia Scheduling Rules

With the most granular rule prioritization on the market, Lightning Bolt auto-generates the best available anesthesia shift schedules based on your organization’s and providers’ needs.
Do not schedule back-to-back days of night-call shifts
Part-time providers take half the number of calls as a full-time provider
Each eligible providers work no more than four night shifts per month
Limit the number of providers who can take time off on the same day
Schedule the Chief into Regional Chiefs Meeting every Monday
Providers who prefer whole weekends will work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

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