Inside and outside the operating room, smarter shift scheduling in anesthesiology
increases efficiency and improves patient safety.

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Key Benefits for Anesthesiology Shift Scheduling

Accurately schedule on-call shift rotations

Equalize difficult on-call shifts across providers

Easily rotate residents and fellows in and out of scheduling sequences

Top anesthesiology departments use an average of 109 set scheduling rules and flexibly accommodate an average of 122 shift change requests each month using Lightning Bolt’s AI optimization technology. From call equity to precise rotations, our scientific approach enables anesthesia teams to maximize efficiency in this complex specialty.

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Samples of Popular Anesthesiology Scheduling Rules

Track and equally distribute the total number of weekend calls, holiday weekend calls, holiday calls, and Thursday calls.

During the ASA annual meeting, as many as 7 doctors can be out. On other days, only 5 doctors can be gone.

At least 2 pain doctors must be available (not on vacation).

First call slot does the last available call slot, second call slot does next to last available call slot. Available number of call slots vary depending on number of doctors on vacation.

At least one of four doctors on call must be a heart doctor.

The Most Advanced Anesthesiology Scheduling Technology

“True hell is the contemplation of Lightning Bolt going away.”

-Scheduling Physician

The University of Missouri, Department of Anesthesiology

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