Intelligent Daily Case Scheduling for Anesthesia and Teams

The first and only solution that automatically generates daily case assignments in accordance with your group’s policies to save time, minimize human error, and allow you to focus on patient care.

Leverage the Benefits of Automated Scheduling:

 Daily schedules are completed an average 44 minutes faster than traditional manual methods.

13% less downtime between cases while still accounting for turnover and drive time.

12 minute average turnaround time to make the schedule and deliver to pertinent information.

Disrupting Outdated Processes

AnesthesiaGo is designed to disrupt outdated processes for building daily case assignments, which typically involve a senior anesthesiologist poring over a case list by hand to dole out assignments the night before surgery.

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Eliminate Inefficiencies, Save Time

AnesthesiaGo automates this scheduling process with a powerful rules-based algorithm that eliminates inefficiencies, double bookings, and undesired pairings while reducing the time required to build a functional schedule from an hour or more to mere minutes.

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Minimize Errors

Our program ensures that assigned anesthesiologists have the appropriate specialty qualifications and facility credentials for their cases. If manual changes are made, validation checks alert the user if any rules are violated.

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Teaming for Provider Wellness

AnesthesiaGo supports teaming (or best matches) between credentialed doctors and surgeons, which improves satisfaction and wellness, facilitates continuity of care, and reduces burnout.

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Data-Driven Insights

Make better decisions with historical and analytical reporting. Visualize the metrics you want to measure with data dashboards.

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