Advanced Workforce Analytics

Meet business objectives with better reporting

Access necessary data that will help you make smarter, more informed decisions for your organization while balancing the needs of your providers and patients.

Workforce Analytics Drive Positive Outcomes


Ensure Patient Access to Quality Care

  • Build an optimal schedule that meets patient demand
  • Receive the right care at the right time from the right clinician

Use In-App Wellness Tools

  • Prevent provider burnout
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Decrease turnover
Business Objectives

Align Clinician Supply with Patient Demand

  • Avoid patient leakage
  • Boost productivity
  • Decrease costs

Out-of-the-Box Reporting Provides Better Insights

  • Shift Fairness
  • Time-Off Requests
  • Schedule Changes
  • Service Utilization
  • Targeted Hours for Providers
  • Staffing Levels

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