Customize and Analyze Reports

Lightning Bolt’s sophisticated metrics create actionable insight for hospitals to optimize physician scheduling and support other hospital operations. Utilize data from customized reports to inform future scheduling decisions and ensure long-term equitability.

View Reports

You can view reports of various tallies and metrics to track distribution of workload, for payroll, to enable long-term planning, etc. Some groups need reports of tallies prior to any trades amongst providers and this is a setting that you can toggle. The system has several other settings including custom date ranges, viewing and sorting options, etc.

Tally Shifts Worked

Lightning Bolt provides the flexibility to define your own tally regions that allow you to track hours or shifts worked, vacation hours or days consumed, etc. for all providers and shifts or a specified subset of providers and shifts on a given set of days (e.g. weekdays, weekends). Once defined, the system makes it easy to generate reports to tally these metrics over any desired time horizon.

Customize Templates

You’ve just created the perfect report by selecting who you want to see, which shifts to include, custom date ranges, etc. To ensure that you don’t have to repeat all the work that you just did, the system allows you to save these settings as a template for future use so the next time you need to generate a similar report, it’s as easy as clicking a button.

Export Reports

With Lightning Bolt, in addition to viewing your report online, you can choose to export it to a variety of popular formats including PDF, Excel, Word, and HTML, and also print a paper copy. This allows you to easily distribute a report to your colleagues, save to your local computer for later use, or use for further analysis and computations.