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Lightning Bolt physician scheduling software uses advanced AI technology to schedule over 3 million physician shift hours each month to reduce physician burnout and improve patient access.

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Rule-Based Scheduling

Many physician scheduling vendors tout rule-based scheduling—but basic schedule automation only chooses the first available option, generating incomplete schedules that require major time and brainpower investments to remedy.

Lightning Bolt’s advanced AI technology, by contrast, chooses the best available option, considering millions of possible variations to automatically deliver the best possible schedule, every time.

With Lightning Bolt, you can:

save time and money

Create unlimited customized rules to meet your team’s unique scheduling requirements

Generate the most complete, accurate, and balanced schedule on the market

Easily create optimized schedules for physicians based on your team’s unique criteria

What automation rules will you set?

The average Lightning Bolt healthcare client maintains 400+ custom-built schedule automation rules in our system. Set up hundreds of scheduling rules and our AI will consider them all to automatically generate the best possible shift combinations:

  • Holiday and vacation distributions
  • Fair on-call time management
  • Physician shift preferences
  • Inter departmental cross-scheduling
  • Residency schedule restrictions
  • Recovery time and overnight shifts
  • Recurring department meetings
Rule by priority
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Standard Provider Scheduling

To help physicians and administrators across multiple care settings accomplish their goals, Lightning Bolt offers both AI-optimized scheduling (for teams with more complex scheduling rules and requirements) and standard scheduling (streamlined manual scheduling) solutions.

Lightning Bolt Hospital schedule

Why standard provider scheduling?

Lightning Bolt’s standard scheduling option is a perfect match for groups and departments with less complex scheduling requirements, who are still looking to upgrade their current system to something more streamlined and intuitive.

If you’re scheduling physicians in a primary care or family medicine setting, for example, you might not need to set a dozen different rules about on-call shifts for hundreds of providers at a time, like you would in a large hospital environment. With Lightning Bolt’s standard scheduling option, you can easily set up your schedules manually instead of through auto-generation, to ensure the schedule matches your group’s unique needs.

How standard scheduling works

Lightning Bolt’s standard scheduling option is designed to make “manual” scheduling as fast and as easy as possible — no more jumping from spreadsheet to spreadsheet, or wondering if everyone has the most current version of the schedule.

With Lightning Bolt, you can:

  • Customize schedule views to meet the needs of all your users
  • Quickly fill, swap, and remove personnel and assignments
  • Select the right person to schedule based on credentials, and easily compare the schedule to staffing levels by day
  • See the metrics you want to see, with the ability to report on almost anything
  • Give physicians the ability to view and request schedule changes from their desk or their mobile phone
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Optimizing for Patient Access

Hospitals, health systems, and both large and small practices face huge challenges today in balancing the needs of clinicians, patients, and business leaders. Each group has different and significant priorities, and they all need to interweave seamlessly to protect patient safety, doctors’ work-life balance, and the organization’s bottom line.

Improve hospital productivity by balancing the needs of clinicians, patients and business objectives.

With Lightning Bolt, take a necessary step toward collaboration by aligning physician supply with patient demand. Lightning Bolt uses prescriptive analytics to make it possible for you to:

  • Build optimal schedules that meet patient demand
  • Optimize your schedules with consideration for different clinicians’ productivity and specialization as well as clinician availability and preferences
  • Automatically select the best work template that best meets your objectives
  • Analyze your gap between patient demand and clinician supply in a custom report
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On-Call Scheduling

Top health systems today use Lightning Bolt to achieve precise on-call scheduling across every department. In an emergency situation, response time is critical to avoid potential negative outcomes for patients.

Real-time, up-to-date call schedules allow providers to contact the right physician to deliver the right care at the right time—optimizing response times and saving lives.

With Lightning Bolt on-call scheduling, achieve precision for advanced patient safety:

  • Provide access to an accurate, centralized on-call schedule
  • Locate the right on-call provider faster
  • Optimize care team collaboration
iPhone scheduling

Success from University of Kentucky HealthCare

UK HealthCare abandoned manual scheduling to optimize their on-call workflow across the enterprise to eliminate inaccurate schedule data and reduce major delays in critical response times.

Before implementing Lightning Bolt’s On-Call Locator

After implementing Lightning Bolt’s On-Call Locator

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Lightning Bolt Scheduling Analytics

Lightning Bolt’s analytics and reporting help you see the metrics that matter to you, with the flexibility to easily create customized reports on almost any field in the system.

  • Use real-time scheduling data to analyze staff supply and demand to boost your practice’s bottom line.
  • Configure reports that show over/under utilization of staff, overtime, incorrect staffing assignments, and even forecast future needs.
  • With Lightning Bolt’s tally system, report on total shift tallies over any time frame from a global and departmental basis.

For custom reporting needs, you can also define your own tally measurements. For example, you can tag shifts by type of work—such as meeting, admin time, conferences, or clinical time with patients—to get granular reports on where physicians spend their time.

bar chart
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Care Team Collaboration

Inefficiencies embedded in current care delivery workflows undermine care team productivity. To meet care quality and patient experience goals, technologies that reduce manual and repetitive tasks are increasingly critical to streamline and automate workflows.


Building the care team collaboration platform of the future

With Lightning Bolt’s recent acquisition by PerfectServe alongside Telmediq and CareWire, we’re joining the movement to build the care team collaboration platform of the future. Our goals are the same as yours: to streamline care coordination across the continuum so that you can serve more patients, better — without sacrificing the work-life balance of your staff.

By joining the PerfectServe family, Lightning Bolt is part of building healthcare’s first true care team collaboration platform, bringing together the most advanced productivity solutions for:

  • Physician scheduling
  • Efficient nurse communication
  • Secure text messaging
  • Family and patient communication

Who is PerfectServe?

Who is Telmediq?

Who is CareWire?

PerfectServe provides an immediate, accurate, reliable connection to everyone on the care team — transcending facilities, departments, and devices to truly enable patient-centered care.

Telmediq’s HIPAA-compliant messaging solution pulls together disparate healthcare systems into one powerful and integrated platform.

CareWire delivers a comprehensive mobile communication solution that keeps patients on track with their plan of care and keeps care teams up to date.

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