Rapid Surge Scheduling for COVID-19

As many healthcare organizations begin leveraging the help of volunteers, part-time, and retired clinicians to quickly add much-needed coverage for increased patient demand during the pandemic, our solution helps simplify the challenge of scheduling this growing workforce. Lightning Bolt’s Rapid Surge Scheduling Solution (RSS) can be live in 48 hours to help support your scheduling for COVID-19.

Our Solution is Flexible:

  • Available when your organization needs it.

  • Pay as you go, with no long-term commitments.

  • Start or stop services as demand stabilizes or additional waves arise.

Benefits of Rapid Surge Scheduling

Lightning Bolt has already assisted health systems and practices across the country including EDs, Urgent Care practices, Hospitalists, Imaging and Radiology teams, Intensivists, Pulmonary Departments, float pool staff, on-call, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Anesthesia, ICUs and volunteer providers including retired and part-time providers.

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“We reached out to Lightning Bolt because we needed a quick scheduling solution for our physicians. We had a very tight turnaround time and needed to act quickly. Within 3 days, the Lightning Bolt team had us up and running and ready to use their software. The software is easy to use and very user friendly for both the individual creating the schedule as well as the end-users.”

 – Jesika Krasts, Large Academic Medical Center

Launch RSS in Just 48 Hours

Our solution is ready to deploy quickly. Upon completion of the Statement of Work (SOW), we’ll have your scheduling solution ready to launch in 48 hours. 

scheduling platforms
  • Meeting to discuss project goals and client needs.

  • Detailed Q&A session with administrators.

  • Execution of the SOW.

  • Administrative training and workflow clarification.

  • End-user communication and go-live.

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How We’re Helping

Scheduling Adjustments for COVID-19

In recent weeks, our application consultants have been assisting clients from leading health systems and practices across the country to adjust their schedules to aid their response efforts to COVID-19. Here’s how we are helping:

  • Scheduling between 50 and 300 providers “on the fly” as capacity needs change.

  • Add “overflow” slot to schedule backup providers when necessary.

  • Added another nocturnist shift for COVID-19 concerns.
  • Changed scheduling period from 3 months to 1 month.
  • Adding providers from other departments to help staff.
  • Using shift reasons and locations to identify COVID-19 scheduling.
  • Added 300 providers from the flex float pool to areas based on demand.