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With over 3 million physician shift hours managed monthly, Lightning Bolt Solutions represents a world-class team of experts spanning science, engineering and healthcare, to AI and machine learning. At the forefront of developing technological solutions to restore work-life balance to medicine, Lightning Bolt’s team can address some of healthcare’s core issues, including physician burnout and the physician shortage, and how hospitals and health systems can utilize technology to improve the lives of those administering and receiving care.

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For members of the media looking for sources to discuss physician burnout, hospital operations, AI in healthcare, and work-life balance in medicine, please contact a member of our media team at to arrange an interview.

Suvas Vajracharya, Ph.D., Founder of Lightning Bolt Solutions

Data Insights

Can AI Help the VA save $1.6B annually and resolve their turnover issues? We run the numbers.

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Which medical specialty has the toughest schedule? Data offers insight into the complexity of physician scheduling.

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See how one health system reduced their time spent spent managing schedules by 82% with Lightning Bolt’s AI technology.

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