Lightning Bolt and Imprivata

Transforming Clinical Communications with Physician On-Call Scheduling and Secure Messaging

Who’s on-call today? How can I get in contact with them? These are common questions clinical staff face when they need to get in contact with an on-call physician, especially in an urgent situation. And with issues like multiple copies and versions of schedules, handwritten notes and incorrect or outdated contact information, the number of variables that could go wrong in the process are seemingly unlimited. Lightning Bolt’s new integration with Imprivata eliminates these kinds of errors and makes answering these questions simpler than ever.

Our recent webinar tells you all the details you need to know about the recent integration between Lightning Bolt Solutions’ advanced scheduling software and Imprivata’s communications solution and how they work together to streamline clinical communication. Didn’t get a chance to catch the webinar? No problem. Watch the recording above to learn for key insights into the new integration between Lightning Bolt and Imprivata, as well as the importance of secure clinical messaging for your organization.

Lightning Bolt helps practices know who is on call in real-time with the click of a button while Imprivata answers the question “How can I securely contact the MD on-call?” Together these solutions help reduce clinical response times. This is incredibly important in critical care situations where delays in response times can have negative, and sometimes fatal, impacts on patient care delivery. Watch the webinar to hear about the full benefits of this exciting new integration.

Want to learn more about other clinical tools Lightning Bolt offers integrations to? Find more information about the many systems we connect with here. Need an on-call scheduling solution to streamline and optimize your provider scheduling process? Check out the results Lightning Bolt can deliver for your organization.


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