Introducing Viewer, Editor & Creator

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View real-time schedules and make time-off requests from anywhere/anytime from any device, running any operating system, using any browser. Mobile-friendly. Fast.

  • Simple, minimalist design to get to the information you need quickly
  • Make time-off requests and swaps from anywhere
  • Create a Swaportunity: send notifications to other providers to request shift coverage
  • Contact (by Phone call/E-mail/Messaging) anyone on the schedule directly from the mobile device
  • View just your schedule or your group’s schedule
  • Persistent Session – No need to login more than once


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Web-based schedule editor that makes your hands as quick as your thoughts.

  • Quickly fill, swap, and remove personnel and assignments. Make changes as quick as a desktop application
  • Ergonomic design for editing large schedules effortlessly using an intuitive Interface based on metaphors of drawing applications
  • Guided schedule editor. Select the right person to schedule based on: Credentials/Qualification for selected tasks & statistics and tally targets 
  • Validate schedules for correctness
  • See why the point-and-click interface is more intuitive, and why drag-and-drop is a drag on productivity in our blog post.


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Any system can create a schedule. Only Lightning Bolt creates an optimal schedule based on combinatorial optimization. Creator is the gateway to launch schedules built using Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research.

  • Generate schedules for any date range – one day, one month, one quarter. Just specify a begin and an end date for the schedule to be auto-generated.
  • Create draft schedules, review them, and validate them against your rules.
  • Publish schedules to yourself, administrators or everyone.
  • Experiment with parallel schedules with different scheduling rules to create the best schedule possible.
  • Analyze schedules for rule violations.

OnCall Viewer

Access a clean and simple list view of your schedule that allow you to see who’s working now and send secure messages.

  • Multiple layers of filtering to see only what you need to.
  • Save views for quick access later.
  • See across multiple departments at a glance.
  • Send secure messages from within the application.
  • Create filters to see your call schedule for the year.


Have access to everything you need to know. Beyond simple reporting, you’ll have the access to track anything from assignment information to schedule changes.

  • Pre-defined templates to help you quickly access different types of analytical information.
  • Generate reports for any type of request information, including approval and denials.
  • Increase transparency by generating reports for schedule history.
  • Determine which reports users have access to.
  • Advanced filters to help drill down to what’s important to you.