Pathology of Burnout Initiative led by Lightning Bolt aims to understand patterns in physician work schedules and burnout

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – January 16, 2019 – 2019 will be a year of research, listening, Picture of the wellness survey that physicians can complete as part of the Pathology of Burnout Initiative.and data for a new effort called the Pathology of Burnout Initiative, sponsored by Lightning Bolt Solutions. Over the next year, Lightning Bolt and its advisory board are committed to studying one million physician shift hours to research the operational roots of burnout and what changes can lead to solutions.

Available to Lightning Bolt clients via the company’s mobile app, physicians checking their work schedule have the opportunity to anonymously answer a single-question survey about their overall wellness and symptoms of burnout. With a full rollout of the wellness survey at the start of the year, the company is taking a major step toward understanding the crisis of physician dissatisfaction in this country. Additionally, for physicians who self-report symptoms of high burnout, Lightning Bolt is providing a resource page curated by physicians for physicians.

“We are focusing on ‘burning in’ to the deadly, damaging crisis of physician burnout with an epidemiological approach,” said Suvas Vajracharya, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Lightning Bolt Solutions. “Our goal for this research is to shape how healthcare organizations build more balanced workplaces for physicians, helping to make medicine safer for everyone.”

As part of the Pathology of Burnout Initiative, Lightning Bolt is also providing a place for physicians to privately submit their own personal stories of burnout. The intent is to learn more about a crisis that many suffer in silence.

To learn more about the Pathology of Burnout Initiative, a project of the Lightning Bolt advisory board, or to share your experience with physician burnout, visit

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