Lightning Bolt in TechRepublic: Flex hours help make tech workplaces less stressful

The tech industry has a reputation for being filled with workaholics whose day-to-day is far from resembling work-life balance. But the good news is some tech industry leaders are instituting simple practices to help their employees de-stress and make room for personal time.

Lightning Bolt Solutions founder and CEO Suvas Vajracharya says a flexible schedule is key:

“Often, the source of stress is not the work itself, but conflict of work with our personal lives,” Vajracharya said. “Traditional work hours do not work well for the non-traditional personal schedule. For example, it might be a little stressful to have to attend an important meeting at precisely 9:00 a.m., but it’s much more stressful to have to drop off the kids at school beforehand and fight traffic to get to the meeting on time.”

Read more advice from some of the industry’s top executives on promoting a stress-free workplace.

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