Lightning Bolt in Health IT Outcomes: Could your department be suffering from a case of Post Traumatic Scheduling Disorder?

Dr. Romil Chadha (@romilchadha), a hospitalist and the scheduling committee chair in hospital medicine at University of Kentucky HealthCare, recently shared with Health IT Outcomes a “grand rounds” of the division’s journey to optimizing its scheduling process that began after realizing they were suffering from a case of Post Traumatic Scheduling Disorder.

Dr. Chadha provided a glimpse of the success the hospitalist division has experienced since making a full recovery:

“Today, we’ve passed 50 hospitalists and 14 APPs with no additional help from PCPs. There are two married couples in the division now who are able to automatically work matching schedules. Our ability to recover our scheduling process has given them the time they deserve together. We have a workforce of physicians with actual work-life balance at a time when the division is also continuing to grow rapidly. Our scheduling process has dropped from a high of 1,480 hours per year to just 260 to 520 hours per year, an excellent return on our investment.”

UK HealthCare, located in Lexington, Kentucky, utilizes Lightning Bolt’s scheduling platform across its health system.

Click here to read Dr. Chadha’s full experience of how his hospitalist division’s scheduling process broke and became something great with Lightning Bolt.

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