Lightning Bolt in Becker’s Hospital Review: Does the VA’s new scheduling technology offer a complete patient access solution?

After lengthy challenges and public scrutiny in providing the nation’s veterans with timely access to care, the Department of Veterans Affairs recently announced new online patient scheduling software. The software hopes to improve patient access to physician care and increase coordination between physician supply and patient demand, but this may only be part of the solution.

Lightning Bolt advisory board member and a pioneer in healthcare technology, Richard Fury, M.D., recently shared his expertise with Becker’s Hospital Review, explaining that supply and demand in healthcare differ from other industries. Introducing new patient scheduling software improves the patient experience and access to physician resources, but it may also boost physician burnout as a result of increased access. As Dr. Fury points out, the real solution is twofold:

“It is crucial that health systems optimize for both patient appointment access and physician staff schedules at the same time. Sophisticated artificial intelligence technology focused on “combinatorial optimization” now exists that can help solve both sides of healthcare’s unique supply and demand issues. By creating smarter physician schedules that utilize expertise and improve patient access, the VA can improve not just the appointment booking process for veterans, but also their ability to get in and see the right doctor earlier.”

Helping to bring a solution to healthcare’s uniquely complex supply and demand challenges, Lightning Bolt’s Access Optimization technology utilizes artificial intelligence to balance physician and patient needs to improve care access and prevent staff burnout. Click here to learn how Lightning Bolt can help your hospital operations team build an optimal schedule that meets patient demand.

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