Lightning Bolt in Becker’s Hospital Review: Smart scheduling software a win-win for physicians and patients in access waiting game

Lightning Bolt advisory board member Richard Fury, M.D. (@Doc4e), recently shared his insight on patient access with Becker’s Hospital Review. As a family physician, the familiar reality of the challenges facing patients’ access to care struck a personal chord when his wife was in need of a specialty consult only to hear that an appointment with her neurologist wasn’t available for six weeks. Dr. Fury knew immediately the reason for the long wait time: demand was outpacing supply.

When physician supply and patient demand are not aligned, the results are reduced patient retention, lower physician satisfaction, and increased costs for the healthcare organization. Dr. Fury, a former director of Kaiser Permanente’s Technology Group, stresses how hospitals that utilize scheduling software can more efficiently schedule physician resources and optimize patient access:

“Optimally, smart physician scheduling applications detect appointment deficits and alert authorities to take appropriate action. With this technology assist, it is possible to improve patient access to physicians without increasing the number of staff, upping work hours or taking other drastic measures that risk burning out doctors or increasing operations costs.”

See the full article here to gain more insight from Dr. Fury on improving patient experience, increasing the efficiency of hospital operations, and optimizing available physician resources.

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