Lightning Bolt in Becker’s Hospital Review: The secret to avoiding summer shift scheduling mayhem

Summer is officially here and many physicians are taking vacations to enjoy the sun, spend time with family, and relieve stress — all major benefits for reducing burnout. However, it’s a time of year that can prove nightmarish for schedulers if they’re not prepared to handle their medical department’s surge in time-off requests. A lack of planning or effective scheduling policies for summer vacation requests can make it nearly impossible to coordinate patient demand and physician supply.

Fortunately, there are a few tactics for avoiding such summer scheduling mayhem that create balance and accommodate physicians’ much-needed breaks:

  1. Forecast patient demand using last year’s data.
  2. Incentivize shifts during peak patient demand.
  3. Coordinate physicians’ summer schedules early.

Learn more here about optimizing your department’s summer shift schedule to balance patient demand and physicians’ ideal summer vacations using AI-driven scheduling software.

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