Lightning Bolt in Becker’s Hospital Review: AI’s impact on the hospital of the future

What is the hospital of the future? How will industry trends and challenges of today impact how healthcare organizations care for patients in a hundred years? Becker’s Hospital Review recently spoke with 45 healthcare professionals, including hospital executives, physicians, and health IT leaders, to understand how today’s traditional hospital operations may become unrecognizable in the decades to come. The common theme: utilizing technology to improve the physician and patient experience.

Hospitals and health IT leaders are just beginning to scratch the surface when it comes to technology’s ability to optimize clinical resources and reduce physician burnout. Lightning Bolt Solutions founder and CEO Suvas Vajracharya, Ph.D., explains the rising importance of flexible scheduling supported by AI technology:

“Burnout and the physician shortage are big issues facing healthcare. Learning from this, the hospital of the future will recognize the need for more flexible scheduling. The schedule of the future will have physicians leveraging the peak of their clinical expertise and according to patient demand.

Gone are the 7-on-7-off shifts. Artificial intelligence technologies that can analyze supply and demand patterns will be widely utilized to ensure physicians have better work-life balance and patients have access to care when they need it.”

Learn more about optimizing your hospital operations with sophisticated shift scheduling technology.

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