Schedules Automatically Generated

Lightning Bolt’s cutting-edge technology optimizes the physician scheduling workflow, adding efficiency to your department and hospital operations. Advanced rule-based auto-generation and guided manual scheduling eliminate work and reduce time spent building schedules. Centralized cloud access to an always up-to-date schedule guarantees you can contact the right provider to deliver the right care at the right time, ensuring patient safety.

Centralized Online Schedules

Where is the latest schedule?- Every physician ever
Modifications often need to be made after the distribution of the initial schedule. Changes or swaps between physicians often result in someone having a stale copy of the schedule. Maintaining the current and latest schedules can be difficult and often error-prone.

With Lightning Bolt, there is a central place online for the latest schedule. The schedule can be viewed by logging into our password-protected website anytime and from anywhere you have an internet connection. Based on your access policy, physicians may swap shifts online, keeping the online schedule always current without requiring an administrator’s oversight.


Automated Rule-based Scheduling

Do you spend hours trying to come up with a schedule that meets everyone’s requirements?


  • What is the distribution of assignments to physicians?
  • Does the current list of absence requests cause coverage problems?
  • On how many weekends did a particular physician work?
  • On which days did a physician request to be scheduled? Which days off?
  • What is the spacing in days between undesirable calls? Did anyone get scheduled for consecutive weekends?
  • What is the distribution of holidays?
  • Are the physician pairings agreeable?
  • Did a physician working late night assignment get scheduled for early morning call the following day?
  • Did part-time physicians get scheduled for apportioned amount of work?


These are just some of the considerations that are taken into account while generating a schedule.

Lightning Bolt automatically generates schedules that meet all the above objectives or as defined by your unique set of rules to produce a schedule that balances institutional and individual needs. Lightning Bolt uses a patent-pending algorithm for generating accurate schedules in the presence of complex rules with varying priorities and exceptions. It is the number one reason that users who have tried all other software products finally find a solution in Lightning Bolt.

Guided Scheduling

While Lightning Bolt does much to automate the scheduling process, it does not alienate the user. Users can still manipulate the schedule and manually schedule any day in the calendar if desired. Before a new schedule is first created, users can manually pre-schedule certain chosen days. Lightning Bolt then schedules around the manually pre-scheduled or pinned days. Just as users can pre-schedule certain days, users can also post-schedule any day after Lightning Bolt has generated the schedule. Lightning Bolt aids manual scheduling by listing who is or is not available on a given day.

Customize Calendar Views

Depending on the type of practice, it is very important to view schedules in a certain format. With Lightning Bolt, you can not only customize the layout of the schedule calendar but also specify the providers that you’d like to view, the assignments/shifts that you’re interested in, and a host of other options. Once you’ve customized the view to your liking, you can save the view so you don’t need to repeat any of the customizations the next time around.

Trade Shifts

A generated schedule may meet all the criteria specified at the time the schedule was created. However, things change and it may be necessary to make modifications to the schedule based on individual needs. To allow providers flexibility to manage some of these changes on their own, providers can request to trade their shift(s) with other providers. These trades can be auto-approved by the system or the system can be configured to require administrator approval.

Sync to Smart Devices

Need access to your schedule on the go from your mobile device?

Need to view your schedule within your desktop or web-based calendaring application?

No problem!

With Lightning Bolt, you can subscribe to your schedule on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android-based devices, Blackberry, etc. and have your latest schedule automatically synced with your device, which means it’s always up to date!

You can also easily add a subscription to your schedule in popular calendaring applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar so you have access to your schedules from applications that you already use.