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Lightning Bolt’s provider scheduling solution for the Enterprise centralizes web-based schedules across departments and specialty groups while providing autonomy for each group to build and maintain schedules based on the group-specific rules and policies. With success in deployments at the largest IDNs and University Health Systems with thousands of providers scheduled, Lightning Bolt is the credible choice in scheduling solution that scales in pricing and performance for the Enterprise. 

While alternative products available on the market only provide an electronic medium for viewing/entering scheduling data, Lightning Bolt produces the best schedule possible by thinking deeply, often millions of steps ahead, to meet both institutional and individual needs.


Benefits for the Enterprise

  • Provide autonomy to build schedules for every department (specialty group) with scheduling rules, processes and policies unique to each department. Build locally. Share globally.
  • Reduce errors by avoiding stale scheduling data.
  • Look up and contact the right provider on the schedule in any department/facility in real-time from anywhere.
  • Improve Care-team coordination.
  • Efficiently manage/centralize time-off or absences requests; ensure sufficient staff coverage to meet patient demand.
  • Report/Analyze provider work distribution or productivity.
  • Reduce time to build and maintain departmental schedules by 90% over manual process.
  • Streamline clinical workflow and operations.
  • Better manage and improve utilization of provider resources across scheduling teams.
  • Efficiently locate the specialty provider on call for Emergency Department and Switchboard Operators.

Features for the Enterprise

  • Organizes schedules into any number of separate departments in a centralized database.
  • Integrate with any application/system in the Enterprise with Lightning Bolt API.
  • Logging/audit trail of scheduling transactions.
  • Powerful role-based access control system designed to scale to thousands of users.
  • Support for Single Sign-On.
  • Communicate with the provider on the schedule by paging, phone, e-mail, or SMS.
  • Cross-departmental scheduling to manage and improve utilization of providers that work across scheduling groups/departments.
  • Integration with partners providing telecommunication systems.
  • Enterprise reports and analytics across departments.
Lightning Bolt combines access to schedules with means to communicate with providers on the schedule. Benefits include better care-team coordination and quickly contacting the specialty physician on call. Providers can be quickly reached on a click of button by pagers, phone, texting, e-mails or messaging tool provided using the web-based application or LB’s iPhone app.
Lightning Bolt’s provider scheduling system for the Enterprise offers a way to access centralized, web-based schedules across departments and specialty groups while at the same time providing autonomy for each group or department to build and maintain schedules based on the group-specific rules.
To avoid overwhelming users on all scheduling data that is now centralized, the Lightning Bolt system allows you to define personas or roles such as IT Staff, providers on the schedule, departmental schedulers, departmental medical director, external users, and switchboard operators. Once the roles are defined, LB controls both the scope of access (selected departments, providers, shifts, etc.), and the extent of access (no access, view access, or view/modify access). Access to scheduling data can be controlled at the granularity of specific assignments and specific providers on the schedule.

  • Payroll Reports
  • Work Distribution Reports
  • Equity/Fairness Analysis
  • Provider Productivity
  • Weekends Work Distribution
  • Holiday Work Distribution
  • Identify Overworked Providers
  • Daily Change Logs, Login Log Reports


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