With COVID-19 officially classified as a pandemic, public life in the United States has essentially come to a halt. Across the country, many have begun adhering to social distancing to prevent the spread of the virus and hopefully prevent overwhelming our country’s healthcare system capacity. As part of the PerfectServe family, Lightning Bolt has the privilege of serving some of the country’s leading healthcare organizations. We are grateful for the courageous work they do and will continue to do as the fight to rein in the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

To honor and support their work, we want to offer assistance to our clients who are on the frontlines of this unpredictable public health crisis. That’s why we’re pledging complimentary support to our clients during the COVID-19 response. During this time current clients across the PerfectServe family of products—Clinical Communication & Collaboration, Nurse Mobility, Patient & Family Communication, Answering Service, Contact Center, or Lightning Bolt Provider Scheduling—can receive free software and services for implementing our Patient & Family Communication solution (automated patient outreach via text message) in addition to free services across our products to implement best practices for responding to COVID-19.

1. Free software and services for implementing PerfectServe’s Patient & Family Communication solution.

PerfectServe will be offering free software and services to improve patient outreach in response to COVID-19. The solution streamlines automated patient outreach via text message, allowing you to communicate things like preventative measures, testing locations, and care access. Carrier message rates may apply.

2. Free services to implement best practices across our products for COVID-19 purposes.

Customers will also be able to receive free services across their existing PerfectServe solutions to help them better respond and adapt to COVID-19.

How Can Patient & Family Communication Aid Your COVID-19 Response?

With PerfectServe’s Patient & Family Communication (PFC) platform, your health system can engage patients with relevant COVID-19 updates and instructions via text message—the most widespread form of communication. Sample PFC use cases that have been implemented include:

  • Announcing curbside test access to patients.

An on-demand message is initiated by nurses in a call center, which points the patient to a specific clinic site. The message instructs the patient to park, call a designated phone number, and wait for a test to be administered at their vehicle.

  • Two-way secure messaging with patients.

A secure, encrypted messaging interface enables two-way communication with patients. This gives providers the ability to conduct risk or screening assessments to ask about symptoms and monitor responses.

  • Informing patients how, when, and where to access care.

This includes both physical care access and hyperlinks to existing virtual clinics or telehealth platforms.

  • Providing patient education on best practices for disease avoidance and management.

This can be as simple as pointing patients to the CDC website.

  • Trying to catch potential cases before they walk in the door.

Directly after a reminder for an existing appointment is delivered, another message follows that asks the patient to call a telephone number to initiate a phone screening with a clinician if they have flu-like symptoms.

Free Implementation Of COVID-19 Best Practices Across PerfectServe Products

If free services to implement best practices seems like it covers a lot of ground, that’s because it does. Every facility is unique, and we’re extending no-cost assistance to help you implement new workflows, make adjustments to settings on any current PerfectServe products, or otherwise optimize your solution in a way that best supports your organization’s COVID-19 response efforts. Here are a few examples:

  • Adapting Scheduling and Assignment Changes in Lightning Bolt

During a virus outbreak, healthcare organizations may experience unusual fluctuations in patient load, and their own providers are also at increased risk of falling ill or experiencing burnout. In recent weeks, many of our clients have reached out for assistance in implementing new assignments and schedules to ensure their facilities are optimally staffed amidst changing conditions.

  • Setup or Modification of Team Alerts/Broadcast Groups/Distribution Lists

Multidisciplinary teams for incident response, infection management, and patient tracking have been key to COVID-19 response efforts. PerfectServe has worked with a number of customers to implement new team alerts (also called broadcast groups or distribution lists) or modify existing team alerts by adding members.

In most hospital settings, the process for communicating specific incident or patient details to a larger care team is manually intensive. These workflows typically have many steps, numerous decision points, and multiple handoffs, creating opportunities for communication breakdowns and delays in time-sensitive situations.

Team alerts automate many of the steps in the rapid response process, such as sending notifications to all team members—including team leadership—at the same time. With one call, all appropriate care team members are identified and contacted simultaneously, which speeds time to treatment and improves patient outcomes.

We’re Here to Help

Bottom line? The entire PerfectServe team is ready to support your COVID-19 efforts, and we’d like to discuss how we can help. If you’d like support adjusting your existing Lightning Bolt clinical schedule(s), please reach out to your application consultant and let them know it’s part of your COVID-19 response. If you are uncertain who to contact at Lightning Bolt, reach out to us at support@lightning-bolt.com and we’ll get you connected to an expert who can help.

If you’re interested in leveraging PerfectServe’s Patient & Family Communication solution free of charge as part of your COVID-19 efforts, sign up on the PerfectServe website and a communications specialist will reach out to help your organization get started. Stay tuned for more COVID-19 updates from Lightning Bolt and PerfectServe.

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