Access Optimization

Where physician supply meets patient demand
using prescriptive analytics


Hospitals are facing a triple challenge:


Improving patient access


Meeting business objectives


Minimizing clinician burnout

There needs to be a physician scheduling solution that optimally balances all three needs from clinicians, patients, and business objectives.

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Receive the right care at the right time from the right clinician.

Business Objectives

Align clinician supply with patient demand to avoid patient leakage and optimize the organization’s use of its most valuable resources.


Ensure patient access to quality care while preventing burnout for clinicians and increasing job satisfaction.

What is the impact of using certain work templates on meeting demand and on provider satisfaction?

What is the expected number of appointments seen per provider based on their schedule?

How close did we get to meeting patient demand this year compared to last year?

Which days are the clinicians resources (supply) above and under the projected demand in patient appointments?

Build an optimal schedule that meets patient demand

  • Create schedules that consider different clinicians’ productivity and specialization as well as clinician availability/preferences.

  • Automatically select the optimal work template that best meets your objectives.

  • See gaps between patient demand and clinician supply to inform scheduling decisions.

How it’s done

Not all clinicians are alike.

  • Some work more than others; some are part-time.
  • Some that are new cannot take full capacity immediately.
  • They vary in their capacity for different types of appointments.

The solution: we utilize clinician Work Templates.

By looking at these templates, the system knows a provider’s capacity for different appointment types. Then our system builds a schedule that optimally aligns patient demand with available clinician resources, improving patient access and quality of care.

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